Our mapping covers the world and offers possibly the widest choice of mapping options available on any app.

All ViewRanger products come with free unlimited access to a wide range of global web based mapping layers from street and terrain to aerial photo imagery - we call these "web maps".

In a growing number of countries, we also supply full topographic mapping from Geosciences agencies. In these places, ViewRanger can be upgraded to run detailed "premium maps. All premium mapping is permanently stored on your phone and can even be transferred to a new phone when you upgrade.

1.  By Individual Map tile

If you just want to buy a small map area to meet your needs for a particular trip - then this is the way to go and you can do it directly to your handset using a mobile internet connection.

We use a grid or "tile" system for each country. So you can highlight the tiles you need individually or by area. Then download map tiles directly into the ViewRanger app, wherever you are and whenever you need them.

These map tiles can be purchased using the same ViewRanger credit you use to purchase routes. To load your account with pre-paid credit tokens - buy ViewRanger credit via our web shop or In-App (Apple).

2.  Pre-packaged Regional or whole country mapping

Alternatively, you may simply want to  buy the whole of your country or region and have it always ready to use. See the range of regions available for each country via the  in-App or via the web store.

3.  Self-select custom mapping

The third option provides a balance between by-the-tile and pre-packaged - and allows you to custom select the areas you need and just buy that - perfect if you live on the boundary between two regions.

Find out more and download the Self-select MapChooser tool here.